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Looking for support for your book idea? New to book coaching? Schedule a 20-minute call to find out more. 


Check out my book coaching and editorial support packages from idea to agent pitch. 


Find the level of support that works for you. You don't have to write alone. 


My signature editorial and book coaching services for writers at any stage of the writing journey. Don't leave your writing in a drawer. Let your light shine! 

Is your nonfiction book idea marketable? Can you visualize the table of contents and see your published book on bookstore shelves? A unique workbook and my expert guidance prepare you to write the book you dream about selling to a publisher.

Nonfiction Blueprint for a Book

Nonfiction Book Proposal

Have you always wanted to publish a nonfiction book? Did you know that agents usually request a proposal to evaluate your book idea first? Most nonfiction authors don’t write the book before they sell their idea to a publisher. A professional book proposal can attract the right agent and publisher.

Nonfiction Blueprint to Pitch 

Are you ready to enlighten and entertain the world with your book? My Nonfiction Blueprint to Pitch package begins with a detailed blueprint to clarify your idea and build the framework for your book proposal. In about six months, you’ll complete and polish a nonfiction book proposal ready to pitch to agents hand-picked for you and your book.

Monthly book coaching

Available only for current clients.

Pitch package

Available only for current clients.


Let me answer your questions about book coaching in a 20-minute call.


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I admittedly had no idea what I was getting into when I decided I wanted to start writing a book. Thankfully, Leslie was there to walk me through it. The blueprint she uses to refine the point and flow of the book helped me to organize everything in a clear and connected way. Everything came together in a way that made it seem like writing this thing was actually possible (I had my doubts before that!).


In person, she is very gentle and supportive. Already in the first call, she helped me a lot with the imposter syndrome I was feeling about writing a nonfiction book. She is also very good at explaining the next steps and painting a clear picture of what's to come. I would highly recommend working with her!

--Char Tamason

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Book doula indeed! Leslie H. Cole has helped me bring five book babies to life. Leslie read through each of my manuscripts multiple times with discernment and energy. From excited start to plodding middle to triumphant finish, I have come to rely on her wisdom and honesty to coach me through my self-doubt, procrastination, and plot problems. Leslie is a true professional who keeps me focused and confident that I will finish my current work in progress. Not only do her guidance and insight improve the books in her care, but I’ve come to discover that they improve the writer in her care as well. I recommend Leslie H. Cole to any writer who wants to craft better stories—and become a better writer.


--D.M. Darroch, speculative fiction author

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I loved working with Leslie! She helped me transform my query package into something truly remarkable. I especially loved how we approached complex issues as a team, looking at an issue from various angles until we got it right. Leslie also put a lot of time and effort into curating my agent list, finding great comp titles, and helping me pinpoint my cross-genre novel. Knowing I have a strong query package, I’m excited to query my manuscript!


--Elle Blackwood, Author

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Leslie supported me to develop my book with a full manuscript evaluation. From the moment I sent my book to her she kept me informed about how the evaluation was progressing, along with words of encouragement and support as she read the manuscript. Her feedback was thoughtful and insightful, and it was followed up with a one-to-one video call. Leslie’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and I ended the call full of ideas and eager to begin my next draft. Thank you so much for your structured support and encouragement, Leslie.

--Jennifer Bromham, Author

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Leslie is an amazing writing coach, book coach, and guide through the creative process. She supported me unwaveringly as I hit upon my own resistances to clarify the book that wanted to be birthed through me. With professionalism, consistency, and a masterful blend of compassion and firmness, Leslie helped me to keep showing up for myself and for my writing. She's excellent at supporting the dance between being true to the story within you while simultaneously writing a book with the reader in mind. She consistently offered thoughtful, poignant feedback and ideas that opened up exciting new creative pathways for me. I could go on and on about her. You will be in excellent hands with Leslie as your book coach!


-- Lizzie Blue, Writer and Performer

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At the beginning of my novel-writing journey, I had at least two or three ideas in draft and wasn’t sure which one to explore. I decided to go with the most challenging idea. Leslie guided me through a novel-writing coaching method called Blueprint for Fiction, a series of questions requiring a few hours, passion for your story, and author work. The process challenged me to think about the novel on a deeper level and explore the characters and their motivations. This fantastic tool helped me through the early stages of developing the seed of a murder mystery book idea I had been thinking about. It helped me develop plots, concepts, flesh out characters, and bring them to life, and even structure the novel. Leslie gave me so much encouragement and made it an exciting journey, and provided me with the confidence and framework to give the story a go. I loved the whole creative process from start to finish.


-- Sabera Ahsan, Writer

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